Do you have clients outside of Florida?


We spend the majority of our time recruiting top Engineering talent to Florida-based employers. However…..

Those same employers have offices and operations throughout the US – our clients ask us to help them on searches in those locations as well – most of those roles tend to be in the Midwest, Northeast, and Southeast US.

What if I’m already employed in Florida as an Engineer?

We can help you as well, whether you’re just looking to make a local change(no relocation) or regionally inside the state.

Why do you focus on Florida?

There is high demand for talented engineers in the state, especially within the aerospace, aviation, and life sciences field. However, there is a low supply, which challenges employers in the state when try to grow or expand their service offerings. That’s where we come into play – we have built a network of talent throughout the US whose background aligns with what Florida-based employers are looking for, and we speak with them daily. We cultivate relationships with this talent – most employers aren’t able to do this, and most local staffing agencies don’t venture outside their local markets when a client asks for help. That’s one of the reasons we’re so successful.

How can I be sure my search stays confidential and my current employer doesn’t find out I’m looking?

We never disclose your name or personal information to an employer without your permission.

Once we’ve established a relationship with you, we communicate with you via personal email, text, phone, etc.

What if my spouse needs a job as well?

We have resources to help your spouse if you’re relocating to Florida – we may help them ourselves or refer them to a partner of ours whose expertise is in line with your spouse’s experience.

If you have any other questions, just ask!