The Man in the Arena…err…sort of…

It is not your cubicle buddy’s opinion that counts; not the Assistant to the Associate III who points out that “no one fires IBM, always use the big name vendor” or how YOU could have had a more polished presentation in your last meeting. Oh…go “f yourself” you said….

The credit belongs to you, my friend, who actually stayed in last night and prepared your presentation while others clamored for one more craft beer they MUST have, you who paced the hallways prior to your meeting and regretted not putting more deodorant on; you who strives, who moves beyond the snarky comments of the dip-wad in marketing; who errs, who gets the “that’s not what I was looking for” from your boss more often than you wish to admit, for you understand there is no effort without mistakes and mis-spellings, hopefully at least not in the report your VP is reading right now.

You know one thing, you who knows the waiting room of hell is not awaiting you in the afterlife – it’s actually O’Hare airport at 4p on a Friday; you spend yourself in a worthy cause, because you know at best what the triumph of high achievement and goal attainment means, you know it goes beyond the 3% merit increase; you too, know at its worst, if you failed, you failed in flames while daring greatly, so that your lot in life will never linger amongst the timid cubicle jockeys who know neither victory or defeat.

Bob Pudlock is an Executive Recruiter and President of Gulf Stream Search in Jupiter, FL – he’s also the Managing Partner of Engineering Jobs in Florida, a practice that focuses on placing top engineering talent with Florida-based employers. He can be reached here, here or here

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