New Year’s Resolutions NOW! Say what?

We haven’t hit the 4th quarter yet in 2017, but it’s not a bad time to start thinking about next year and how you want things to be different in your life – a new home, a promotion, a new job, a healthier diet, run a marathon, start a new business, whatever it might be.

I can hear you saying, “It’s not even Halloween yet!!!!”

But here’s the thing. When we add a new resolution or commitment into our life, other areas, and other people will be impacted.

If you decide you want to lose 20 pounds and start eating healthier, your grocery list is going to change, and that’s going to impact others in your house – your spouse, your children.

It might be more expensive.
The food might be bland at first.
What if your spouse and children aren’t on board with the changes?
What if your spouse complains about the added expense of shopping at Whole Foods on top of what’s already being spent at the regular grocery store?
What if your kids wrinkle their noses at what you’re cooking?

Are you going to be able to handle the conflict or are you going to fold to the resistance and fall back to the old you?

What if you decide you want to train for a marathon and it requires morning runs and extra heavy exercise on the weekends?

That’s going to conflict with your nightlife if you’re accustomed to a couple(or a few) drinks at Friday night’s happy hour – it’s also going to conflict with your boyfriend or girlfriend’s lifestyle if you want to bag out early from a night out to rest up before a 6a run.

What if your partner isn’t a runner?
What if you haven’t run a 5K in your life, much less a full marathon?

Most resolutions break down after the first couple weeks -let’s say you’ve made a commitment to drinking less – the first couple times out, your drinking buddies are going to notice the change and may take the “new you” as a personal affront – they may think your new behavior is a form of “judging” THEIR behavior. Many buckle to the peer pressure and fall back into their old ways..

That’s why I suggest, NOW, to write down a couple things in your life that you want to change. Deal with the resistance and friction now instead of in January when so much else is going on.

Write down your desired results.

Reflect on them.

Ask yourself some questions….

Who will be affected by this change?

How will I handle how they’ll react?

What will be different about my life if I follow through on this resolution?

What’s the first thing I need to do?

Don’t rush through the exercise. Think it through….


So what does this have to do with your career?

Many companies conduct their annual strategic meetings in the Fall in advance of developing budgets for the coming year – that includes looking at current headcount, aligning it against perceived needs for the upcoming year, and adding or subtracting new roles. Not only are they looking at “WHAT DO I WANT?” but they’re also considering “WHO DO I WANT?”

If your name and credentials aren’t in front of that leader during that process, it’s going to much more challenging making an impression the first week in January; if he opening is still actually open. Many hiring decisions have already been made by the middle of December with a start date already established for the new hire the first or second week in January.

So start now – have the conversation with your significant other, mentor, or trusted recruiter – start figuring out what you need to do and prepare for – deal with any friction or conflict now regarding a possible job change. You’ll be ahead of the game and most importantly, you’ll be competing against fewer candidates for those roles – those are the people who are waiting for the calendar flip to ignite their job search.

Do it N.O.W.

Bob Pudlock is an executive recruiter based in Jupiter, FL.  He is President of Gulf Stream Search and Managing Partner of Engineering Jobs in Florida – he can be reached at (561) 450-9490 or here.

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